Bali Food Safari

Bali Food Safari

Brain child of Perth resident Simon Ward the Bali Food Safari is a pub crawl for foodies!

When I first heard about this idea I knew it was something I would have to try and something that would become super popular, super quickly! The Bali Food Safari is an organised progressive dinner where you are taken on a culinary guided tour stopping at either 3 or 4 of Bali’s top restaurants. Once you are there you will sample the chef’s best dishes – making your way from entrees through to desserts.

Simon says (haha – pun intended) that the Bali Food Safari idea came from a trip to Bali when he and his wife had one night out without the kids and found it hard to choose just one venue to spend their precious time at. As most of you know Bali has some of the best dining venues and best food in the world – why wouldn’t you want to try and sample them all!

So all in the name of research Bali Buddies took on the hard task of trying out the Bali Food Safari last month…

Booking was easy and was done via their website and paid for by credit card –

The first decision we had to make was 3 venues or 4? We chose to go with the 4!

At 5pm we were promptly collected from our villa – we didn’t know which venues we would be going to during the evening. The surprise factor definitely added to the night.

Our first stop was the SOS Super Club which is on the roof of the Anantara Resort. It’s would be hard to be disappointed here – the view is spectacular. We were there in time for sunset and had the best table to enjoy the view. The food was divine (we are still dreaming about the ribs!) and the cocktails were great too. It was a great start to our evening.

Second stop was the visual sensation of La Favela – if you haven’t been into this place then you must. There is so much to look at you’ll nearly forget to eat! We really enjoyed our dishes here and the service was fabulous. At each venue you try 4 different dishes – take your time so you can fit it all in!

Third stop was the gorgeous La Finca. Set in a garden styled restaurant our host for the evening Thomas couldn’t have been more welcoming. He explained each dish to us and how they were made. The chefs here have a focus of making everything from scratch with all natural ingredients. Even the cocktails had a story to them. Our favourite here was the hot stone beef!

Meriah Putih was the last stop for the evening. This place is striking and once again a venue you just have to see! We were welcomed with a personalised dessert menu where we could choose 4 dishes each. As there were 8 dishes we chose one of each. By this time we were finding it hard to fit everything in but we each tried all 8 desserts and it was hard to chose a favourite!

Overall the Bali Food Safari was a fantastic night and Bali Buddies highly recommends you include it on your next Bali trip. At the moment the Food Safari runs in Seminyak but it will soon be expanding to include Ubud and Jimbaran – so you may want to try more than one Safari!!