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How to Spend Your Bali Vacation When It's Raining | Bali Buddies

When it’s Raining in Bali

Maybe you're familiar with the unpredictable weather of the wet season in the tropics, or perhaps you're taken aback by the Bali rain. Whatever the case, you'll surely want to fill even the cloudiest of days with activities that will make your Bali stay one...

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Tumpek Holidays - Celebrations in Bali | Bali Buddies

Tumpek Holidays

Tumpek Holidays provide the Balinese with an opportunity to create offerings in exchange for luck, safety, and blessings. From making offerings to musical instruments to doing so for plants and crops, they have plenty of chances to bring blessings to their own life....

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Saraswati and Pagerwesi

Pagerwesi & Saraswati

For the Balinese, Sarasvati and Pagerwesi aim to bring a plethora of knowledge and wisdom to the people. Sarasvati takes place every 210 days, with celebrators making offerings, blessing books and praying in their homes or temples. Four days later, people acknowledge Pagerwesi with floral...

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Galungan & Kuningang - Balinese Holidays | Bali Buddies

Galungan & Kuningan

If you're one for cultural immersion, there's no denying that Bali is the place to be. And if you just so happen to be planning your Indonesian getaway around the Balinese-Hindu holidays of Galungan and Kuningan, all the better....

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