Flying Malindo!

Flying Malindo!

We love to hear about new flight routes on offer to get us to Bali…..our excitement peaked when our home state of Queensland had a new option to fly to Bali in the form of Malindo Air.

Malindo Air has been flying a Brisbane to Bali direct, daily route for a couple of months now and recently we decided to test them out!

Malindo Air (which will soon be rebranded to Batik Air) may not be widely know by us Aussies but what they have on offer is definitely worth considering. Not only are Malindo Air’s flight prices very competitive in comparison to the competing airlines out of Brisbane (Jetstar & Virgin) but Malindo Air have some advantages that all equal a win for the customer!

*FLIGHT TIMES – it has been a while since we could take an early morning flight our Brisbane. The 7.30am departure time is big winner in our eyes. We had efficiently landed in Bali by 11.45am and were checked into our hotel, unpacked and then getting a massage and sipping a cocktail on the beach by 3pm that afternoon……..sure beats landing after dark! The departure time is at night – 10.30pm and sees you land in Brisbane at 5am.

*FULL SERVICE AIRLINE – We are all for cheap flights and budget airlines but we must admit walking on the plane and having our pillow and blanket already sitting on our seats was a nice touch! Not only that we each had a 30kg luggage allowance included in our tickets and enjoyed free entertainment food and drinks throughout the flight. Our meals were a hit with the kids and the adults alike. The entertainment was great with a choice of movies, TV shows and games to choose from on your personal screen. The seat sizing was much larger than we expected and the staff were very attentive – bonus points for their traditional uniforms too!

*BUSINESS CLASS OPTION – not that we experienced it this trip but we did checkout the Business Class area. It’s nice to have the option of a true Business Class ticket to fly to Bali on. Business class tickets get 40kg of luggage included and access to the lounges too!

Overall we for sure give Malindo Air our tick of approval… fact we have already booked tickets to fly with them again! Checkout their website or download their app for an easy booking experience:– a bonus that the price you see is all you pay – not extras for luggage, food and seating!