Temples in Bali


When a place is called “The island of the Gods” it’s no surprise that you can find a temple at almost every corner. Canang Sari (the palm leaf trays, filled with candies, flowers and sometimes even cigarettes) can be found everywhere; in houses, in offices, in shops, on the streets, and are usually part of a larger offering. The main offerings and prayers take place in the thousands of temples scattered around the island.

Bali’s main temples are known as the 9 Directional Temples, the most important ones as they protect Bali from evil spirits, and they are often located at the most auspicious places all over the island, such as mountains and ocean cliff edges. Aside from these nine temples, there are about 20,000 other temples to visit and save you some time, we’ve summarized the most popular temples here. Enjoy browsing through your options and we’re looking forward to hearing from you once you decided which magical places you’d like to visit during your upcoming vacation in Bali.


In almost every temple description we ask you to follow temple etiquette. The rules are simple and easy to follow. It’s merely a matter of respect. To enter to any temple, you must cover your shoulders, your legs, and ladies must not be menstruating.

In most temples, you’re expected to wear a sarong and a sash, which you can often rent at the entrance. Alternatively, you can buy your own and bring it along on your temple discovery.

As for the menstruation part, this dates from old culture, back to when menstruation could not be hidden with pads and tampons. Menstruation was perceived as dirty in the old times. Besides, it was also believed that women who’re having their period carried along angry and powerful energy which didn’t match with the pure energy of the temples and gods. Obviously, nobody is going to check whether you’re menstruating or not, so it’s up to you whether you’re entering the premises or not.

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