Bali Shopping & Spa Tour

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Bali Shopping & Spa Tour

You Deserve It: Shop & Spa Tour In Bali

If you’ve ever vied for a full day of treating yourself, shopping sprees and spa treatments are the way to go. The only issue? Bali has so many options that the prospect of exploration can be a bit intimidating at first glance. With the help of our Bali Shopping and Spa tour, you can learn the ropes of Bali’s best shop & spa spots. When all is said and done, you shouldn’t be surprised if you come out on the other end a seasoned veteran of Bali’s wellness scene.

A Little Rest & Relaxation

Our Bali Buddies Shopping and Spa tour begins with you in mind. A designated driver will pick you up from your very own accommodation, giving you a seamless start to the day. They’ll then guide you to one of the most popular shopping streets in Seminyak, Jalan Oberoi. From surf shops to eclectic boutiques, you’ll soon find your niche. Coupled with this outing is a trip to the flea markets in Seminyak, where you’ll have the chance to search for treasure of a different kind.

When lunchtime rolls around, you and your posse have the option of reveling in flavor at Motel Mexicola. This Seminyak-based establishment serves up Mexican fare at a modest price, with a kitschy atmosphere to go along. Try the crispy pork belly tacos and lychee margo if you know what’s good for ya’.

After you finish your last bite and toss the napkin on the plate, you can head to nearby Seminyak Village, a shopping center perfectly suited for the tropical island that it calls home. With its contemporary architecture and immense amount of storefronts, there’s no chance you’ll get bored here. If you saved any room after your (Mexican) lunch, you can inhale some snacks at one of the many places to eat in this mall. With a couple of hours to spend as you please in Seminyak Village, you’d be mistaken not to make the most of it.

A Shop & Spa tour wouldn’t be complete without a relaxing end to the day. The last instalment on the itinerary is a one-hour massage, a treat that’s included in the fare for every participant. The massage will take place at Shampoo Lounge, a full-service facility that focuses on your inner wellness just as much as your outer glow. Expert therapists use organic oils, hot stones and skilled pressure for a massage totally tailored to your body. By the time you’re ready for your ride back to the hotel, you’ll feel rejuvenated as can be.

A Tour to Take the Edge Off This Holiday

While it may not seem obvious at first, holiday stress is a real thing. The planning, the exhaustion, it all plays a part in your overall outlook during vacation. By booking a tour to do the things you love—like treating yourself with shopping and spa treatments—you’re really doing yourself and your loved ones a favor.

Nearly a full day escapade, this tour almost guarantees a relaxed atmosphere by day’s end. All things considered, you’re refreshing yourself for adventures to come without having to miss out on the fun that Bali is so well known for. If that’s not a reason to delve into the Shop & Spa tour by Bali Buddies, then we don’t know what is.

Price: IDR 600,000 per person (min. 2 persons)

What’s Included:

  • Pick-up and drop-off
  • Parking fees
  • Bottled mineral water
  • English speaking driver
  • One hour massage treatment at The Shampoo Lounge


Additional Charges:

  • Gratuities
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses
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