*** Travel Insurance is a non negotiable! ***

We get multiple PMs asking us to post about GoFundMe campaigns for tourists who have become ill or who have been in an accident during their holiday and don’t have travel insurance to pay for their treatments.

We also often hear “I can’t afford travel insurance”.

It’s this simple, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. At the very least you should have medical insurance when travelling. Medical bills add up very quickly, even for the simplest of treatments. If you pay a little extra for your policy you can get Comprehensive Cover which also covers you for theft, loss, cancellation and natural disasters. We will have a full blog on what is and is not covered by travel insurance coming your way soon. We can help arrange your travel insurance if needed, or it’s as easy as clicking the link and following a few simple steps to get yourself insured for your trip.

Please don’t travel to Bali without insurance, we hate reading about people who are meant to be having the time of their lives and it turning into a financial nightmare for themselves and their families.

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